International eyewear show with focus on independent eyewear brands.

copenhagen specs in Berlin is an independent eyewear show with the ambition of creating an environment and a place where opticians go to be inspired and updated on the international eyewear industry.

The ambition of copenhagen specs is to deliver a vibrant eyewear show giving the international optical business an opportunity to meet trendsetting eyewear manufacturers that have a visionary and artistic approach to eyewear design. By meeting the eyewear designers in person, opticians have a unique opportunity to learn the story behind every brand and get an insight into the visionary and artistic approach to eyewear design.

We have found a great venue in Berlin, which just fits the concept perfectly. Arena Berlin – an old depot for busses build in 1927 – will provide that extra amount of historical, authentic and inspirational atmosphere, which we consider to be the perfect surroundings for the originality and creativity we expect to see at the show.

Berlin is a geographical center of Europe with a great potential to become an international platform for beautiful and innovative eyewear design.


In alt Treptow

The show takes place at Arena Berlin, in the center of vibrant Berlin. This gives the visitors a unique possibility to combine a visit to the eyewear show with doing some sightseeing. The city is full of beautiful architecture, historical buildings, plenty of cafés, restaurants, cultural events and pulsating nightlife.

Morten Gammelmark
Founder & CEO of copenhagen specs

The location

The hall of Arena Berlin was built in Berlins’ golden twenties, an era of economic upturn and cultural blossoming. The public transport company Allgemeine Berliner Omnibus AG (ABOAG) was in need of a depot for 240 buses, so they assigned architect Franz Ahrens to construct the largest cantilever hall at that time.

Ahrens’ construction is not just remarkable because of its impressive size and its architectural details like carved out figurative statuary from the elaborate clincker bricks made by sculptor Arminius Hasemann. Also the natural lightning from transverse roof lights and glazed bow panels gives a unique feel to the hall.
The impressive building with an expanse of 6.500 sqm was completed in 1927. One year later the ABOAG was turned into the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), the company that is still in charge of Berlin’s inner city public transport. During Third Reich the extensive hall was alienated as an armory. After the war it was utilised as a refugee camp before the monumental building became part of the area of the Berlin wall in 1961. Until 1989 access was restricted but it was used again as a depot for buses.

4 years after Germany’s reunification the BVG left the building in Berlin’s district Treptow. New owner was the registered association Art Kombinat e.V., which was just founded for the sole purpose of organising cultural events at the former depot. In 2000 the Arena Berlin was extensively refurbished and is since then one of Berlin’s most popular places for events.


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